The Life of a Skincare and Beauty Addict
Just an ordinary gal trying to survive the gruesome university semesters while working on a healthy lifestyle of exercise, diet, and a glowing skincare routine!

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Beauty Profile

Skin Type: Dehydrated, oily, and sensitive

Problems: Hormonal breakouts, blackheads, and enlarged pores

Skin Tone: Light-medium honey beige

Eye Shape: Double Eyelids

Natural hair color: Black (currently dyed ombre brown/blonde)

Monday, October 3, 2016 at 12:18 AM with 0 comment(s)
I would say that the majority of people only cleanse 1-2 times per day (or not at all) and slap on some moisturizer if they're feeling that they're skin is suffering from a serious drought. Honestly, this was me up until my 11th year of high school. Heck. I didn't even wash my face even if I returned from a day's worth of sweat from hockey practice. I thought showering did the trick because all the dirt and sweat would wash off, right? I was definitely wrong about that. I didn't know the importance and benefits that came with a proper skincare routine and if only I knew sooner because it's become such a game changer in my life!

I mainly use Korean skincare products. I honestly don't remember how I was introduced to Korean skincare products from brands such as Laneige, Innisfree, Missha, Secret Key, CosRX, Nature Republic, etc. I just remember I visited the first Korean & Japanese beauty store in my city while I was shopping for my secret santa. I got my secret santa a really cute foam cleanser that was shaped as a pot with a little sprout at the top. The brand was TonyMoly and I just fell in love with how cute the packaging looked. I am a sucker for cute packaging... a bad habit because 99% of the time that leads to impulsive buying. I think from then on, I visited that store often and it opened up the doors to Korean skincare. To begin with, I had minimal knowledge about skincare so it took a lot of researching and reading for me to form a suitable skincare routine for my skin type.

Just for your reference, this is a summary of my skin profile:

Skin Type: Oily and Sensitive

  • I have sensitive skin because I've tried a gazillion types of concealers but all of them would break out my skin. The only concealer that I've found works for me is Holika Holika's AC Mild Concealer Coat
  • I'm also sensitive to strong, perfumy fragrances
Problems: Hormonal breakouts, blackheads, redness around the nose, and enlarged pores

Skin Tone: Light-Medium honey beige

Instead of having me write up a whole entire essay of tips and advice, I'll link some posts that have helped me personally with my skincare routine. Please have a thorough look through these links and take notes! Bookmark and saving is the key. Up until this day, I still re-visit these links just as little reminders. 

Just to summarize some key points from these links:
  • Your acid mantle and skin barrier is should be more acidic to prevent the buildup of bacteria
  • Low pH cleansers (especially be aware of foam cleansers) are important in ensuring that you're not stripping your skin 
  • ACIDIC = good, BASIC = bad 
  • Always research your products and make sure the pH doesn't go above 6 
  • Start off small → don't go buying everything you can possibly get your hands on. Introduce products slowly into your skincare routine 
  • Results don't occur right away; it takes time 
  • I 100% recommend double cleansing (oil & foam) especially if you wear makeup
  • I know it's really tempting, but don't, whatever you do, DO NOT POP YOUR PIMPLES
  • If you really need to do some deep cleansing, buy one of those blackhead extraction tools [x]
I hope this post will be of somewhat help to you beginners of skincare! 

Thank you for reading! Stay tune for more! 

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