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Saturday, May 9, 2015 at 2:54 PM with 0 comment(s)
Hello! Today I will be reviewing the Milk Talk Bath Soap by Etude House. I purchased the Strawberry scented bath soap at my local Korean beauty store for $17 + tax. Find it on Kcollectionk or browse through Ebay or Amazon!

A gentle and moisturizing bath soap formulated from milk protein extract. It lathers away dirt, makeup, and oil while moisturizing your skin. Skin is left soft, smooth, and elastic.

Size: 200 mL

The bottle is pretty small; approximately 13 cm tall. Lid is strong and durable.

Cute, waterproof label!

Soap is more on the runny side whereas most of my bath soaps are thicker.

The soap lathers up quite nicely - it's really nice and foamy.

Cute pink bottle with a strong snap on lid.


I was expecting this bottle to be bigger to be honest. The soap moisturizes my skin nicely but the scent doesn't stick to your skin at all. As I'm washing my body, the soap's scent starts dissipating and by the time I wash the soap off, the scent is gone. I'm pretty disappointed about this factor of the product.


I really love the scent of this soap because it honestly smells like I'm bathing in a strawberry milkshake and I like how well it moisturizes my skin but the scent doesn't linger on. I will most likely not buy this product again for this reason. I would of loved it if the soap moisturized and if the scent lingered on. The bath soap that I usually use helps with moisturizing and lathers away dirt, oil, and makeup like the Milk Talk soap but there's really no point in buying the Milk Talk bath soap again if it does the same thing as my previous bath soap. /sighs. I wish I could cancel my order for the Green Apple scented one but what can I do now.


(ratings are out of 5 stars)

Thank you for reading! Stay tune for more! 

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