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Skin Type: Dehydrated, oily, and sensitive

Problems: Hormonal breakouts, blackheads, and enlarged pores

Skin Tone: Light-medium honey beige

Eye Shape: Double Eyelids

Natural hair color: Black (currently dyed ombre brown/blonde)

Saturday, May 9, 2015 at 12:16 PM with 0 comment(s)
Hello! It's been a long time since I've done a review. Back in April I told myself to catch up on my reviews but I never got to them... I ended up procrastinating on everything. I will be reviewing the Wonder Pore Freshner by Etude House which I bought for $21 + tax. I buy all of my Korean beauty products at a store in chinatown. Online stores sell them at a cheaper price (Kcollectionk, Ebay, Amazon, etc.) but I like having that quick access so I always buy my beauty products at this store.

This light and oil-free toner helps tighten up pores and effectively cleans the inside and outside of pores by its special peppermint extract. This toner has a 10 in 1 solution that does the following:
  1. Balances skin's ideal pH level 
  2. Refines skin tones
  3. Keeps elasticity of pores
  4. Removes skin surface's dead skin cells
  5. Cleanses pores on the inside with a cooling effect
  6. Deep cleanses pores
  7. Minimizes the appearance of pores
  8. Controls a large amount of sebum
  9. Moisturizes the inside and outside of skin
  10. Completes with a smooth-like texture
Does not contain any harmless ingredients → no mineral oil, fragrance, coloring, talc, animal ingredients, or silicone oil

Size: 250 mL 

How to apply: 

  1. Apply this toner morning and night after cleansing your face 
  2. Dispense a sufficient amount on a cotton pad and massage in a circular motion. 
  3. I apply it mainly in the areas where my pores are really problematic (areas around my nose, nose, and lower forehead)  
  4. Avoid contact with the eye! Remember that this product is made of alcohol so getting it in your eye can be really dangerous. 

The bottle came in a light blue, plastic box.

It's a light blue bottle with a strong snap-on lid. I always use a cotton pad to apply the toner.

The labels have really cute text and pictures!

Good size bottle with a cute designed label. 

I didn't take before and after pictures but I can summarize what I've seen as a result after using it for 2 months. 
  • First week I could visibly see my pores reducing in size
  • My pores up to this day are small and have become less problematic
  • Using this really controlled the amount of sebum my pores produced so I gradually got less acne. My pimples became much smaller or I produced none at all compared to before! 

I definitely recommend this product to those who have pore problems and overall, it's just a great toner that keeps your skin nice and healthy. I would definitely buy this product again. 


(ratings are out of 5 stars) 

Thank you for reading! 

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