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Wednesday, January 6, 2016 at 7:32 PM with 0 comment(s)
Hello. Today I will be reviewing the Jeju Bija & Tea Tree Capsule Recipe Pack from Innisfree. I purchased this at my local Korean beauty store for $5 CAD + tax. It's pretty pricey for 10 ml compared to the price of $2.71 CAD on Innisfree World but technically Innisfree World is pricier since shipping is crazy high.   You can get free shipping on orders over 100 USD which is a whack load in Canadian dollars. /sigh The Canadian economy is continuing to plummet. 

I was actually supposed to post the review for the Jeju Volcanic Pore Clay Mask but somehow when I was editing it, the original post got replaced with another post so I basically lost all of my writing. SO PISSED OFF. Therefore, to relieve this anger I will just post some other reviews and post the Jeju Volcanic Pore Clay Mask some other time. Let's get on with this review then! 

The Jeju Bija & Tea Tree Capsule Pack is one out of the current 12 types that you can choose from.

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This specific recipe pack is targeted towards troubled skin: a wash-off mask made with Jeju bija and tea tree to relieve skin troubles and replenish moisture. Can be used 4-5 times.

1. Bija and tea can treats any skin problems.
2. The enriched pack adheres to the skin to provide a solution for skin concerns.
3. Wash-off formula

How to apply:

  1. Wash face thoroughly with a suitable cleanser for your skin. 
  2. Use a dispensing spatula (I use this spatula that my mom gave to me - it's from Shiseido and it's nice and small) to apply the mask. Apply generously all over your face, making sure to cover the trouble areas.
  3. Rinse off the mask after 15-25 minutes with lukewarm water. I always leave my masks on longer than what the instructions state. 
  4. To help with rinsing, use a sponge to take off the product. Rinse in gentle, circular motions and make sure to swipe upwards. You don't want premature wrinkles forming! 
  5. After all the product has been removed, rinse your face with cold water to close up the pores.
  6. Continue the next steps of your skincare routine - tone, essence, ampoule/serum, moisturizer, and if you'd like to treat your skin some more, use a sheet mask or a sleeping pack. 
Size: 10 mL

I am gradually adjusting myself to the 10-step Korean Skincare Routine. Honestly, this can be very exhausting for some and rather getting into detail of my routine and products, I will save that for a post later on in the future. It'll cover my current skincare routine along with the products I use.  

What it looks like. A mint green colored capsule.

This is the slit that I was talking about. You slide the lip/flap part of the plastic lid into there to seal it up.

The slit for the lip of the lid doesn't close very well - the product ends up drying quicker. 

The product is a light green color and applies on very smoothly. However, apply quickly because it dries up pretty quickly!

It's always good to use a sponge to take off the product. Swipe upwards and rinse in circular motions. 

You can see how bad my hormonal acne got. The product definitely left my face feeling more relaxed and less inflamed. 

It's a petit little container. Nothing really notable. I don't like the packaging because they give you a little slit to tuck in the lid which prevents the product from drying up. However, it doesn't close very well because air is still able to seep in. Therefore, I wrapped my containers with some Saran wrap which helped but not that much. Innisfree also suggested to refrigerate it until the next use. I haven't tried that. I only ordered two capsules because it's pretty expensive so I wasn't applying much the first time around because I didn't want to use up the product so fast. However, I didn't use the recipe pack for a week and when I opened it up again, it completely dried up. I tried spraying some of my toner to moisten it up but it was pretty hard to apply on my face. 

So what am I trying to say? This recipe pack should only be used up 4-5 times and as soon as possible. I used up my second pack within a week because I was applying the mask every night. I had a purpose of doing that because I was suffering from really bad hormonal breakouts. However, for the days and weeks that I don't need to be using the recipe pack, I'd really like a packaging that would allow me to open and close the product without it drying up. The size is inefficient too - economically and environmentally. I'd love it if Innisfree would make a larger version of this product. Something like the size of their Jeju Volcanic Pore Clay Mask that is in a durable container of 100 ml. For customers who would like a full size product, it's kind of a money waster because it basically has an expiry date - you have to use it up as soon as possible to preserve the product's quality. Moreover, imagine the amount of containers that are thrown into the garbage after its use. I would love to buy 15 of these but just thinking about how many containers that are being contributed to the landfill is such a waste (no pun intended). 

The design/packaging is a disappointment. +innisfree world, please change this up! 

When you first apply the product, you can immediately feel the cooling sensation. The scent is not that strong but I personally love the scent of tea tree - very soothing and relaxing. My current pimples were less inflamed and after each use, you can definitely see the difference in your skin tone and the redness. It feels very nice and refreshing. For my acne-prone friends, this product will definitely help with your troubled skin! 


Although the packaging is poopy, the product itself works (for me at least). It's a great product to help with inflamed pimples and redness. It was definitely my life saver during my hormonal breakouts. Still debating whether or not I want to re-purchase because of the price and the reason that I listed in the "Design" section of this post. 


Thank you for reading! 

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