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Tuesday, December 29, 2015 at 2:46 PM with 0 comment(s)
Hello! It's been a very long time since I made a blog post but I will be spending whatever is left of my Christmas break to write reviews. I will start off with this blog post and I will be sharing my experience with the online apparel store called Cloud 97.

Cloud 97 used to be a storenvy store called Yeoppuda. The owner wanted to close down Yeoppuda and move to their new tictail store, Cloud 97. I decided to order some items from Yeoppuda before they closed because I noticed that their items were priced a little less compared to their prices on Cloud 97. If you are debating on whether or not to purchase from Cloud 97, PLEASE read this blog post first. I will put the rest under the read more because this blog post will be pretty long and there will be a lot of pictures!

I ordered the Cities Sweatshirt and the White Platform Shoes from Yeoppuda for a total of $48.45. I am from Canada so the total came to $63 ish at that time (Canadian dollar keeps on fluctuating). This order was placed on March 30, 2015.

On April 1, 2015, I contacted the owner, Jenny, with the following inquiry: 

Jenny replied back on April 2, 2015 with the following: 

On April 4, 2015, I sent Jenny a second inquiry: 

I did not receive a reply until April 13, 2015. It took more than a week for Jenny to reply and my question in regards to the update on my order page was not answered. This is what she replied: 

On April 24, 2015, I sent her another email because my order was still not shipped out. I thought that it was odd that she was updating her personal instagram yet my order still hasn't been shipped out. But, I didn't want to think more of it because I know that people have lives and they can't always be working.  

No reply despite all the updates on her personal instagram and her tumblr! Huh! Not only that, I received this in my email: 

I was sent a request to leave a rating for my order from Yeoppuda. How could I leave a rating if I haven't even received my order yet! 

Finally on May 6, 2015, Jenny replied back, stating that my order has been shipped out. OMG. I let out a sigh of relief. I was getting really annoyed by this point (but trust me it doesn't stop here). 

I checked my orders and my 2 items have not been shipped out yet. Honestly, what the hell was going on. Jenny then sent me an email on the same day, in the evening, stating that the brown color Cities Sweatshirt was sold out. Wow... it took her more than a month for her to tell me.   I told her the grey color was fine. I wanted my order to ship out. Honestly, I was very scared that I was getting scammed (and I guess my speculations were right all along).

THE MOMENT I'VE BEEN WAITING FOR. I FINALLY received an email on May 11, 2015 of the shipment notice. My 2 items have finally been shipped! 
I waited diligently for over 5 months and I have not received my two items. I was fed up and decided to confront Jenny directly. I sent an email on July. 6, 2015: 

I had to wait another 2 weeks for a reply and this is what I received: 

Honestly, if you were professional business owners you would know to connect your Yeoppuda email to Cloud 97 just in case you receive emails from past customers. So unprofessional. I sent back a reply stating that I wanted a refund right away. 

The co-owner, Viet, replied back saying that they are not able to refund through Paypal because it exceeded the 60 day limit. Honestly, I didn't care how I was getting my money back so I just agreed that I would be fine if they mailed the money. 

I requested the money to be sent in Canadian dollars since American currency will have no use for me. Still no reply.

I got advice from another source and they said that the 60-day limit should not matter because the store should still be able to send it directly to my Paypal account. 

I then received this. 

I gave my paypal account email and they paid me back what I paid for. However, I had to pay the service fee which should have been covered by them. 

I would comment on Jenny's store and personal instagram regarding my order but a lot of them were ignored or poorly resolved. If you do the math, I played cat and mouse with the owner of Cloud 97 for 5 months. FIVE MONTHS. Shipment from China to Canada may take quite a while but it definitely does not take 5 months. Although you may think that Cloud 97 are not scammers by seeing how many customers received their items, those customers are their promoters. It seems like promoters are getting the priority here while the others are getting scammed. 

I hope this was a good insight as to why Cloud 97 is a terrible store to purchase stuff. The owners are irresponsible, childish, and very unorganized. Please think twice, no 10 times, before you purchase from this store. Don't get yourself into unnecessary trouble and stress!  

Thank you for reading! 

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