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Wednesday, December 30, 2015 at 11:36 PM with 0 comment(s)
Today I will be reviewing the TONYMOLY's Pocket Bunny Spray Mist. They have two types - one suits dry skin (moist mist) and the other is for oily skin (sleek mist). I purchased the moist mist at my local Korean beauty store for $15 + tax. You can find this at Sephora, Urban Outfitters, Ebay, Amazon, or Kcollectionk.

A soft-scented mist formulated from clean Celtic water from France, aloe vera, and fruit extracts that help moisturize your skin. This spray mist can be used over your make-up (like a setting spray). 

How to apply:
  • Spray a good distance away from your face (15-20 cm) 
  • Gently pat to let your skin absorb the product
Size: 60 mL

The bottle is really cute! I accidentally dropped it so one of the ears broke off  but superglue put it back in place. 

I believe TONYMOLY upgraded this product with a new look. I'm not sure if the ingredients changed so it's best if you look into it if you plan on purchasing!

The packaging is really cute. TONYMOLY in general have really cute designs and packaging. 


I'm not a big fan of this spray mist. It leaves a really sticky and almost starchy feeling on your skin and I feel like my pores clog up whenever I apply it. I expected it to have a cooling effect considering it's made from good ingredients but it made my face feel warm and flushed.  I also realized that I purchased the wrong version - I have oily-type skin so the sleek would have worked better maybe. I only used this 3 times and I now use the Dust Cut Facial Mist from Etude House and I love ittt.

However, I spray this mist on my Missha M Magic Cushion air puff before applying the foundation on my face and it seems to work fine. I actually like it because it feels nice and cool mixed in with my cushion. I came back from dinner and my makeup was still intact; just a few patches around my nose but that's with most foundations I use because I am oily as heck. I got this idea from Morgan ( +TheBeautyBreakdown ).   I definitely feel some difference by spraying a setting mist on the air puff! 


Although the packaging is cute and can be re-used to hold perfume or something else, the spray doesn't do much. I will just use the rest with my air puff but it's not worth buying again. 


(ratings are out of 5 stars)

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